Setup MikroTik Routers

hAP AC Lite (952Ui-5ac2nD):

REQUIRED: PXESERVER To Write Firmware To Mikrotik. ( )

  1. Download Latest Version of BOTH “Factory” And “SysUpgrade” Files For hAP AC Lite.
  2. Verify that you have install “Tiny PXE Server”.
  3. Rename the “Factory” File to “rb.elf“.
  4. Set your computer’s Ethernet interface to a static IP address of
  5. See Image Below For Tiny PXE Server Setup.
  1. Connect your computer’s Ethernet port to port 1 on your MikroTik Router.
  2. Start your PXE Server Click “Online”
  3. With the unit powered off, press and hold the reset button on the node while powering on the device. Continue holding the reset button until you see TFTPd: DoReadFile: rb.elf in the Tiny PXE log window.
  4. Release the node’s reset button and click the Offline button in Tiny PXE. You are finished using Tiny PXE when the elf image has been read by the node.
  5. The node will now automatically reboot with the temporary AREDN® Administration image.
  6. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the WAN port (1) on the Mikrotik and insert it into one of the LAN ports (2,3,4) before you proceed.
  7. Setup Computer back to DHCP. After booting the elf image the node will have a default IP address of
  8. In a web browser, open the node’s Administration page (user = ‘root’, password = ‘hsmm’) and immediately navigate to the Firmware Update section. Browse to find the sysupgrade bin file you previously downloaded and click the Upload button.
  9. The node will now automatically reboot with the new AREDN® firmware image.

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