Welcome to CARBBN (Colorado Amateur Radio Broadband Network)

CARBBN is a group of like minded ham radio operators that want to get a Ham Radio mesh network up in the state of Colorado.

What is a Mesh network?

  • Collection of overlapping nodes in a mesh topology
  • Each node routes traffic to other nodes in the network
  • Self discovering, self configuring, self healing
  • Mesh forms and adapts automatically as it grows
  • Dynamically adjusts to changing resources in the Mesh
  • Routing protocols enable automatic reconfiguration as nodes join the Mesh

Why should people get involved?

Most people get involved because it is a fun way to make QSOs through many different methods with one digital mode.

What do I need to get started?

Getting started is not hard since there is a couple of methods to connect to the CARBBN network.  Check out the following links:

Colorado Amateur Radio Broadband Network