Digital Learning Net


October 18, 2023    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Join KEØDC and WØSUN for the Digital Learning Net.

It’s held on the SKYHUBLINK System

Wednesdays at 19:00 (7:00 pm) MST. It usually lasts until 20:30 (8:30 pm)



I've been around radios all my life. My dad had a CB license. I joined the Army in 1991, got my CB in 1993, got my tech license on 9/11/2018, got my general on 10/20/2018, and got my extra on 6/15/2019. I have a QYT KT-980Plus, Yaesu FT-890, Hytera AR482G, Anytone AT-D878UV, Anytone AT-D878UVII+, Yaesu FT-70D, FT-2DR, FT-5DR, TYT TH-UV8000D, and a Radioddity/ Baofeng UV-82X3. I also have 2 Radioddiry/ Baofeng GM-30 GMRS radios (WRQI221). I have a Tram 1481 dual-band antenna and an MFH-1778M inverted V. I got my GMRS license when the price dropped (WRQI221). I listen to the 550 (PRA) and 725 (Front Range GMRS) in Denver, CO. 73 KE0DC/ WRQI221 Doug Comer Parker Radio Association ( Patriot VE Team ( Vice President of Colorado Amateur Radio Broadband Network ( Colorado Ready ( Arapahoe/Adams County ARES Digital Coordinator and Deputy Training Officer ( ARRL Member ( Denver Radio Club (

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